Pool Lighting

Your backyard getaway isn’t complete without colorful lighting to set the mood and take you away. Illuminate the night and create unforgettable memories with radiant pool lights. Want to change the atmosphere and mood with the tap of a finger? Couple our Jandy pool lights with automation and you’ll be entertaining your guests all night long.

Pool lights not only provide illumination for safe swims at night, they also contribute to your overall backyard aesthetic — accentuating the beauty of your pool design and enhancing your backyard experience.

Volcano Pools brings you premium, reliable pool and spa lighting by Jandy. With a variety of choices, from vibrant hues and white color temperatures to an assortment of sizes and energy-efficient styles — Jandy offers the best pool lights to suit any type of pool. Designed with the latest innovations and advanced energy-saving technologies, our selection of inground pool and spa lights not only provide safety, but allow you to customize the aesthetic experience to your taste.



Traditional pool lighting utilized incandescent lights, but today, LED pool lights are the preferred technology due to their durability, performance and efficiency.


The advanced automation options available with our AquaLink systems put control of your pool lights in the palm of your hands. Using the iAquaLink app you can turn ON/OFF lights, set lighting timers and change lighting colors, as well as manage your entire pool’s operational system — all with the simple touch or swipe of a finger.